Why would I want personal critical illness cover?

Personal critical illness protection can offer extra flexibility at a time of stress. Here are two examples:

  • Personal cover - the "short term emergency fund"

A lump sum, payable on critical illness, could enable you to:

  • take that extra time off work
  • have alterations made to the house or
  • go on the holiday of a lifetime
  • Personal cover - the "long term stress fund"

An income, payable on critical illness, could enable you to:

  • reduce your hours or
  • move to a less stressful, but perhaps lower paid job

Cover should also be considered for a non-earning partner who carries out household duties; these might need to be done by someone else.
Critical Illness Insurance provides financial protection against a number of:

  • serious illnesses
  • injuries
  • medical conditions and
  • operations

The conditions covered are defined in a specified list. For the list of conditions covered in our standard product click here
The conditions are called "critical" illnesses because they:

  • are life-threatening or
  • require major surgery or
  • require difficult medical treatment or
  • have a severe effect on physical abilities and lifestyle

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