Review of UK dentists has been released


A review of UK dentists has been published in recent weeks offering advice on which dentists within the UK are worth visiting.

Dental services around London

We recommend a dentist in London with a special interest in Cosmetic and Neuromuscular Dentistry.

Dr Smith, who performs a range of dental services in the Bovingdon area, practices neuromuscular dentistry which means that he is aware of the importance of the jaw muscles, posture, anatomy, physiology and inter-relation with other body systems in the art of science and clinical dentistry.

His training in the US and UK and practice in Canada and the UK has had enormous impact on his ability to care for the "guests" to his practice. His belief in the need for the services of someone highly trained in the diagnosis and treatment of muscle dysfunction based pathology drives him to strive to pass on his knowledge through public speaking and articles and to other professionals through articles and courses.

He believes in a broad perspective "Complete dental care versus tooth care", not wishing to limit his abilities to a single area he has expertise in treating complex restorative/orthopaedic cases benefiting those with head, neck, ear, eye, tooth, and shoulder discomfort. Full mouth makeovers, cosmetics, orthodontic/orthopaedics and those with dentures all benefit.

Cosmetic dental solutions are an increasingly popular option for people who are unsatisfied with their smiles. Many cosmetic dental clinics offer a range of solutions. Among their most popular treatments are dental veneers which provide a convincing, natural-looking façade to a bad tooth. Click here.

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