Is it worth damp proofing your home for your health?

Do you and your family suffer from asthma or get colds frequently?

If you or your family suffer from flu or coughs on a regular basis it may be an idea to look to see if your house has a damp proof course. Damp in houses is very common and can cause long term health problems, especially in children and the old. Sometimes it is simple a matter of calling a company to undertake an inspection of your home and then forking out a few hundred pounds to get the problem fixed once and for all. Companies like Kenwood Plc offer damp proofing services, or if you want to do the damp proofing yourself, you need all the required tools and materials.

Your health is very important so having a dry house where the bacteria cannot grow on the walls is a great idea. Get your house dryer by getting a company to do the damp proofing for you.

Heart Disease Cannot be stopped but the liklihood can be reduced.

Heart disease and stroke are the two most important causes of serious illness and premature death in Western society. The aim of this book is to help you reduce your chances of suffering heart disease or stroke, and to advocate a way of life that will combine health, longevity and happiness. more


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