Why do I want Health Insurance? Do I need Critical Illness Insurance?

As we live for longer, we are more likely to suffer a heart attack, cancer, stroke, kidney failure, or other illness that can knock us down but not necessarily out.

Indeed, the chances are you know someone who has suffered from one of these conditions.

Critical Illness insurance comes into its own when you survive a serious illness but:

  • you are not well enough to earn your living or
  • you feel (or your doctor suggests) a few months' break from work would be sensible

Without the appropriate cover, you will still have to pay the mortgage, household bills, running your car and perhaps for things like holidays.

In fact it's likely that your living costs will increase due to:

  • ongoing treatment and nursing care
  • adapting your home to your new physical condition

Heart Disease Cannot be stopped but the liklihood can be reduced.

Heart disease and stroke are the two most important causes of serious illness and premature death in Western society. The aim of this book is to help you reduce your chances of suffering heart disease or stroke, and to advocate a way of life that will combine health, longevity and happiness. more


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