Mental Health

Mental health can take many forms and its effects can vary considerably. But therapy and counselling is one response which can really help. Stress is one form of mental health.

What is stress?

One useful way of describing stress is "that which comes from a comparison between the demands made on someone and his perceived ability to cope".

This explains why two people in the precise same circumstances may vary dramatically in their experienced feelings of anxiety.

Much work has been centred, in the commercial world, around the correction of stressors in the environment, such as broad reviews of time management. These can often be partly efficient in precipitating relief from stress because they do not enable people to change the most important area, their minds.


This is where hypnotherapy has made such considerable strides in recent years because it allows the person to access and change deep subconscious predispositions to behave in certain ways.

There are a lot of people out there who would like to help or just listen if you are suffering from emotional problems, be it stress, addiction, depression, anxiety or others. If you’d like to find a psychologist or counsellor, there are many directories online.

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